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westover farm holiday cottages and wootton fitzpaine
Wootton Fitzpaine with Barn and Cider Cottages in the foreground

Cider Cottage furthest from the road, Barn Cottage with the car outside and the games room nearest the entrance

View of the Sea at Charmouth taken from nearby Thistle Hill

Thorncombe Beacon with Golden Cap in Background


Snowdrops in a field by the cottages (February 2009)




Click on the links to download our

  booking form


  terms and conditions

If you would like to book one of our cottages please contact  us (phone or email) first for confirmation then you can either print off the booking form from the webpage or one can be sent to you in the post.


Short Breaks  &   Discounts

In addition to our normal weekly terms we also offer short breaks.  (2018)

2019 prices

Small number in your party
Three persons or less - 20 discount

November, December, January, February, excluding public holidays and half terms
2 nights   210
3 nights ..250
4 nights ..280

Short breaks in other months  by arrangement .

 5% discount for repeat visitors

 5% discount on a 2 week stay
(only ONE discount applies)

 Small number in your party
 Three persons or less - 20 discount

 LAST MINUTE REDUCTIONS - Sometimes available - Please check website homepage (Moving BANNER)  or phone for details

Extra rooms available
 If you require extra bedrooms, we have two double rooms available at the farmhouse.  Please phone for prices


Extra services available
 As we are on site we can provide some extra services to make your stay easier or more comfortable. 

Some examples are:
Help you unload your car if this is difficult for you
Mid-stay linen change


Access Statements

Access statement for Barn & Cider Cottages

Environmental Policy

Please see our environmental policy

Risk Assessments

Please see assessment below


Risk Assessment for Westover Farm Cottages


Barn & Cider Cottages and Games Room









      Slips, trips and falls

  Take extra care in a strange house, building, surroundings, including the games room.

  Leave the landing light on by night (bulbs are low energy so use little electricity)

  Outside the cottages

o   There is a light on the corner of the games room that comes on at dusk

o   Switch on your own outside light if you know you will be back late

o   A torch is provided for guest use

  Take extra care if you spill liquids (eg drinks)

  Take care in the Games Room



       Burns and Scalds

  Care while cooking, especially with fat/oil

  The log burner casing gets quite hot care with very small children.  A fire guard is available on request









       Fire Blanket and small
       general purpose  extinguisher in


  Take care as in your own home

  Extra care with cooking.  A fire blanket and a small fire extinguisher (general use) are provided.

  The log burner should be used with doors shut. This prevents sparks and material falling out.  Should the log burner burn too fast or hot or with too much flame, CLOSE ALL AIR IN-LETS

  Smoke and heat detectors, and Carbon Monoxide detectors are provided



  The electrical equipment is checked regularly, please report any problems to the owners



       Furniture and equipment

  Furniture and equipment is checked regularly, please report any problems to the owners




  There is little traffic on the road outside, but some cars travel quite fast.  Take extra care, when walking, on the bends, especially with small children




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